Welcome to Low Vision of Michigan

The Great Lakes area recognized optometric practice specializing in low vision
eyecare. We are leaders in the rehabilitation of patients with macular degeneration and visual impairments. Our main goal is to improve your lifestyle for personal
independence and freedom.

All too often, those that suffer with conditions such as macular degeneration (AMD) and glaucoma are told there is nothing that can be done for them  Our practice is founded on the belief that all patients deserve the best life possible from their remaining vision.

Dr. John Paul Jacobi has assisted many patients of all ages to return to more productive and enjoyable lives.  Patients who thought reading and driving were “things of the past” have found themselves able to perform these tasks with the help of low vision aids and specialized training in our office.   Our low vision practice was established in 2005.

Dr. Jacobi is specially trained in low vision care.  His expert use of low vision aids along with nutritional suggestions and general compassion combine to make Low Vision of Michigan the premiere low vision practice in the Great Lakes Area.  Dr. Jacobi is a fellow of The International Academy of Low Vision Specialists.

When you are told there is nothing to be done about your condition, call us.  Low Vision of Michigan and Dr. John Jacobi can help you where others can’t.  Start living your new, independent life today!


If your eyecare professional says nothing more can be done for your vision, call Low Vision of Michigan (877) 677-2020 to discuss your needs and how we can help.